3 Things Top Performers Do Differently To Stop Burnout

Are you taking on too much?

As ambitious, driven entrepreneurs we are all guilty of spreading ourselves too thin at times. However, commiting yourself to more than you can handle is the first step towards physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. Instead, implement these simple tips to protect yourself.

Set boundaries and live by them

Define crystal clear boundaries around your time and energy output. This is now your shield. Before you begin, remember not all tasks are equal or require your immediate attention! 

  • Let your clients and team know when you are off-grid and not to be contacted.
  • Don’t answer any work email after 7 pm. Turn off your notifications. 
  • Set up automation for any important task to go to VA after hours.
  • Block out your calendar during your creativity. Distractions are super energy and focus draining.
  • Weekends are for you. Replensih and recharge.

Get comfortable saying no

As a reformed people pleaser, I can attest to the freeing power of this mindset shift!

By saying yes to everyone and every task that comes your way, you are simultaneously saying no to your priorities.

How can you possibly give your full attention to both?

Before you commit to a request or business opportunity, ask yourself:

  • Will this help me grow in business, sales or as a leader? 
  • Is this task or person’s energy going to be a drain on me over time?
  • Am I already doing enough?

Go with your gut reaction and only give your energy and attention to activities that will produce the most impact.

Make nutrition your No.1 priority

Your diet is the single biggest impact on your energy, focus, productivity, and mood. It’s your foundation. Once your eating habits slip, things can fall apart quickly.

This is the one change that will have the biggest impact on your wellbeing and protect you from burning out!

  • Stop using generic out of the box diets plans that don’t last. Work with a nutritionist and get tailored systems to give you the optimal energy you need for life. 
  • Don’t work 12 hours straight without eating. Schedule in meal breaks to keep your energy maintained throughout the day!
  • Schedule a time to order groceries, shop, organize home delivery and set a meal prep day. Outsource these tasks to an assistant.

These tweaks will leave you with enough energy in the tank to live your life and attend to your self-care and wellbeing routines too!

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