• Where could your business be this time next year if you felt totally energised and focused to create your best work.
  • What would happen if you had the vitality to manifest the deepest ambitions of your soul-driven business?
  • Who and what could you attract?

Imagine bringing this incredible energy to your online audience and then to your clients. Your clients will connect deeply with you and LOVE your uplifting energy.

You are unique. Your genius is unique and you need abundant energy to keep your light shining brightly. 

Million dollar ideas take a lot of energy to manifest. This program is your catalyst.

Feel in alignment

  • You can get a whole lot done when you have the stamina to meet your spirit. 
  • Watch your performance soar higher than you ever imagined.
  • Stay in a flow state for longer
  • Effortlessly evoke your zone of genus.
  • You’re crushing it in business and you still have enough energy for play, for travel and for your most important relationships.

When you give so much of yourself to your business it’s natural to feel completely depleted and have nothing left in reserve for yourself. Not any more! Let’s bring back some balance into your life.

No more emotional and physical fatigue.

No more risk of burnout. 

Just a steady flow of vibrant energy. 

I know how ambitious you are. I know you are already putting the pieces in place to make the next decade your most successful and affluent yet!

I have the system you need to create a flow of invigorating energy to realise your ambition and feel amazing while you do it!

You’re electric, sparkling with untapped power. A current of incredible potential flows through you.

Let’s unlock it together!

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and non-dogmatic. He guides his clients into a deeply rooted intuitive-based confidence with their food choices and connects nutrition to well beyond the dinner table.

Paul is also a mindfulness expert and knows that diet is the foundation for purpose-driven work and holistic wellness that LASTS.

Don’t hesitate to work with him. If nothing else has worked for you, it’s just because you haven’t hired Paul yet and embraced his holistic methodology.

Elaina RaySelf-Mastery Coachelainaray.com

This is how you will unleash a life full of abundant energy. I will help you to elevate four key aspects of  your wellbeing to a higher level. Nutrition | Mindset | Movement | Sleep.

Together we will design a personalised system that will activate your boundless energy supply!

  • 90-Minute Deep Dive Coaching Session
  • 4 x 30-minute coaching calls 
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Diet + Lifestyle Strategy 
  • Easy to follow action steps  
  • Mindset support to help you stay on track
  • Nutrition tips and mindfulness tools you can use for LIFE
  • Meditation Masterclass Video
  • PDF guides
  • WhatsApp text support
  • Access to a private Facebook group full of like minded and supportive entreprenurs!


Paul is so easy to work with. He offers a very personalized service and has a calming encouraging nature. I highly recommend him if you are looking to change your approach to food and your overall health.

Justin Cullen

Paul doesn’t adopt a one shoe fits all style when developing his nutrition plans for clients, he considers individual likes and dislikes as well as needs. He’s on call to keep you motivated for the first few weeks and checks in with you regularly to see how you’re doing. Great knowledge of nutrition and a lovely guy to boot.

Michelle Scallan

Paul is super professional, really good listener and non-judgemental. His programme is very comprehensive and goals achievable. I would highly recommend.

Heather Boland

This is a plan that you can manage to incorporate into a normal lifestyle and stick to long term. Weight loss, increase in energy levels, improved skin are all results I’ve seen in the 8 weeks. Well worth the price.

Geraldine Pitt