CEOs need to eat too

Are you going 10-12 hours a day without food because you don’t have time to stop? This tip will not only boost your energy but also help you get better quality work done quickly.

Schedule a time every day just for food and relaxation. Make it non negotiable. Treat your mealtime with the same priority as any other  important meeting you must show up for.

Taking the time out to eat is actually more beneficial and efficient than working straight through. 

Here’s why:

  • You have more energy to work longer hours if necessary
  • Taking a break allows your subconscious time to problem solve while you are enjoying a meal.
  • No more running on fumes feeling ‘hangry’ all day 
  • Healthy food helps to lower your stress level

If you’re like any other entrepreneur I know your day revolves around what’s on your calendar.

  • Add at least 30 minutes to your calendar every day for your mealtime or ask your assistant to block time off for you.
  • Pro tip: Order healthy whole food lunches from an office food delivery service. Arrange for your subscription to arrive at your set mealtime every day. Use whatever means available to make sticking to a healthy diet as easy as possible.
  • Lastly, make a conscious effort to eat away from your desk without your laptop open. Take a walk or do some meditation. Good for the soul.

Are you are a 6-figure entrepreneur or executive who is interested in real personal transformation?  

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