Are you a world class entrepreneur or leader who wants to get to the next level of impact, income and influence that you know you are capable of?

This 4 week course will transform your energy and productivity so you can take your business to the next level.

  • Is your health limiting the growth of your business, costing you money and success?

  • Do you want to scale your business but feel your energy & concentration levels are holding you back? 

  • Are you feeling tired all the time and in need of higher quality sleep so you could tackle the day ahead?

  • Is stress driving you to comfort eat and you feel stuck in a cycle? 

Why is this course for you?

  • If you wish you had access to a mentor that will give you clear advice, a solid strategy to change the way you eat for good

  • You want to improve your mood. Feel better, more often.

  • You want a healthy-eating mindset that matches your ambition.

  • You want to supercharge your health to fuel your success.

NOW is the time to get the mentorship, strategy and accountability you need to make these changes.

Paul recently presented a masterclass to my international personal development mastermind on mindful eating and he knocked it out of the park.

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and non-dogmatic. He guides his clients into a deeply rooted intuitive-based confidence with their food choices and connects nutrition to well beyond the dinner table.

Paul is also a mindfulness expert and knows that diet is the foundation for purpose-driven work and holistic wellness that LASTS.

Don’t hesitate to work with him. If nothing else has worked for you, it’s just because you haven’t hired Paul yet and embraced his holistic methodology.

Elaina RaySelf-Mastery

Creating your health for wealth growth plan

Working closely together we will design your personalised eating plan specific to your lifestyle. You will learn how to confidently make the best food choices for your body and mind.

You will build your confidence by making small but significant shifts in your eating habits that will have the greatest immediate impact.

Unblock your mindset 

You will get all the mindfulness tools and techniques to overcome your mental blocks and begin reprogramming your eating habits.

You will learn how to overcome your food cravings and respond intelligently and compassionately to your emotional eating triggers.

This is how you will break the unhealthy eating pattern you’re stuck in and lay the foundations for your new healthy lifestyle.

Building your systems for long lasting health + wealth

No more reliance on willpower. Learn how to create simple healthy-eating systems that you can integrate effortlessly into your schedule. My system helps you remove the common pitfalls of sticking to your plan at home, work and while travelling.  

How to use your new healthy eating system to build consistency

Using mindfulness techniques you will learn to delve deeper and recognise what other adjustments you need to make for long-lasting impact and wellbeing

This is a dynamic process and a richer understanding of yourelf will enable you to strengthen all the healthy habits you have created.

Bonus Session

Stephanie coaches 7- figure executives and Olympic athletes through meditation & mindfulness to self mastery!

Her teachings are very powerful and compliment my methods perfectly to help you unblock emotional struggles around food.

She will show you how to use mindfulness and self compassion to help you reprogramme your eating habits.

Overall I had a fantastic experience, I have noticeably improved energy levels, I sleep better, my skin cleared dramatically, I was extremely happy with my weight management.

Alexis Cullen

Paul has a wonderful skill to identify the barriers and blocks that I have had in consistency with my diet. The big picture and context of my busy life at a transitionary phase I was navigating, was the context Paul constructed my nutritional programme on. Paul is knowledgable, intuitive, pragmatic, adaptable and a truly skilled practitioner.

Linda O’Grady

Paul doesn’t adopt a one shoe fits all style when developing his nutrition plans for clients, he considers individual likes and dislikes as well as needs. He’s on call to keep you motivated and checks in with you regularly to see how you’re doing. Great knowledge of nutrition and a lovely guy to boot.

Michelle Scallan

Paul is super professional, a really good listener and non-judgemental. His programme is very comprehensive and goals achievable, I would highly recommend.

Heather Boland


  • 2 video coaching calls with Paul (60 minutes each).

  • Methods and mindset tools to build healthy eating habits for the rest of your LIFE.

  • Weekly workbooks + resources.

  • 1 mindfulness masterclass with Stephanie Dickinson (60 minutes, pre-recorded).

  • Private Facebook community. Meet your tribe of like minds and get support and inspiration. We will keep you accountable for the duration of the course


Regular: $297

VIP: $497

I’m a Nutrition and Peak Performance Health Coach who combines positive psychology with healing mindset methods.

I help entrepreneurs and executives master their relationship with food using healthy eating systems and mindset tools and removing emotional eating habits to live in their highest state of physical health and mental wellbeing.

My methods allow them to unlock more of their true business potential and intention to positively impact our society and planet.